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Lynn wrote:

But we aren't talking about water balloons here.

It is, however, almost the exact same effect. Just without the being on fire part. In fact, for holy water, it IS exactly the same thing as a water balloon.

Holy water I imagine being in smaller quantity if it fits in a vial it would be hard to hit more than one, even adjacent.

Maybe your water balloons were small. Many things were bigger back in my time of slinging (and "launching"), like the bottoms of pants, belt buckles and shirt collars. Side splash could be significant if you were adjacent to the target.

hunggokyan wrote:

If you think about it, try to hit two people with one water balloon.

You don't actually have to hit two people with one water balloon to achieve a splash. If you are closely adjacent to someone being nailed by a water balloon, you can get splashed. But we aren't talking about water balloons here.

Wow, over 197 views and no replies. No splashy in your games?

We had some characters tossing around flaming oil flasks last night. We use Grindhouse, but just got our shiny new books. According to what we've read, it looks like flaming oil hits only a single person. There isn't any splash or splatter, just a potential to catch stuff on fire.

Is it supposed to be this way?

Matt wrote:

However, I can understand the concept of all the treasure xp reward being spread evenly because it avoids interparty conflict. If a single player were to keep stealing all the time or steal huge chunks of the adventure treasure then things might get ugly. As a DM I would get annoyed if a player were to consistently screw over the rest of the group... but if it was a rare event based on good role-playing I would be less alarmed.

Interparty conflict would be a by-product. Two characters can come into conflict because one is "stealing" from the party or whatever, but that's a result of an in-game action that is a result of role-playing. In-game, someone is getting some coin. That is one type of reward and it has very little impact unless the reward is really huge.

My understanding is that XPs is a total reward for participation of players in the game. The focus on XPs from money it is the primary source that is split up, much like other games would split up total monster kill xps, rather than awarding just the "kill shot" which is garnered by a single player. XP passes from GM -> Players -> Characters. If a GM awards individual XPs for this type of action,  its out of scope (where actual money value is "in scope") of the fairness of rewards. Even a single level difference at low levels can unset party balance.

Otherwise, literally, it means your best interests are served as a player, and also for your character, to light-finger as much as possible, regardless of what type of character you play. We might as well call it the Thief RPG.

Thanks for clarifying this, Jim (and all). That is actually what I thought as well. If it were otherwise then it would definitely change the emphasis of game play. Someone who doesn't steal from the group would then be put at a huge disadvantage in terms of advancement, otherwise.

Can someone explain to me something about how experience rules work for money / treasure in a specific situation?

Normally our party splits up treasure and the experience awards are divvied up proportionally. However there's one character that is light-fingering treasure when the rest of the party isn't looking. Should the experience from the light-fingered stuff also be divided among the party, or just go to light-fingers? Assume here that this is following a combat that all members are involved in.

I can see an argument for either way. Light-fingers is taking a small additional amount of risk.  But the reward seems out of proportion.

I seem to recall that someone created a set of class design rules - basic rules or explanation on how to create new character classes for LotFP. Does someone have a URL for that?

I have a game I run now and then in the Wilderlands setting (old Judge's Guild), and Id like to build a few custom classes that fit the setting.

Thanks for the help smile