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Greetings everyone, my name is Andrew. I'm 35 now and I live in Jersey City, NJ, with my wife, two dogs, and partially-formed future human child (due in August). I moved to the NYC area about 5 years ago for a job, and now I *ahem* work for the government. Before that, I had a pretty odd life in Ohio and I just try to avoid that place now.

I started playing AD&D about 25 years ago when my friend and I were hacking our way through the old SSI DOS games, Pool of Radiance and Secret of the Silver Blades, etc. We wanted a more interesting experience than the computer games could provide, and right about then his sister dumped a bunch of her old boyfriend's gaming books on our heads.

I've played some game or another ever since. From D&D and its derivatives to Rifts and Vampire and many others. I have the dubious honor of having designed Palladium Books' original website logo. It hovered there for about 15 years, and I got $100 worth of products from their website for it. Hoo rah.

In the last few years, my buddies and I have been figuring out various gaming systems through the internet, first by using chat rooms and VOIP, then Google Wave and another VOIP, and finally Google Hangouts using Tabletop Forge and now, Roll20.

I came to LotFP when an old friend invited me to his G+ Hangout game, and decided to use the LotFP rules. I'm quite enamored with the old-school ideals and Jim's philosophy in particular. About a month ago, I started developing an RPG of my own with a magic system that mirrors what he put up in the Dev section. I've been giggling my way through the rules and the forums for the last few days.

General question: When you roll the Save Against Magic at the beginning of the summoning sequence, do you add your INT modifier? INT is for saves against all magic, according to the main entry.

And, if so, funkaoshi, can you modify your roller for that effect?