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I agree the game does not need monster blenders that current incarnations of d&d can create. When a mid-level character can have 6 plus attacks it gets a bit silly.

Thats one reason why I will be retiring my 3.5 d&d books to the loft once the current campaign ends and use LotFP.

When players don't feel the need to role-play their characters because they replace it with "kewl powerz" it's time to move on back nearer to where my RPGing began with 1st ed AD&D.

Thanks Jim, for giving me an escape route smile


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I am considering having two weapon use having a defensive or offensive role.

On a player initiate they can choose to either use the extra weapon to defend, gaining a +1 AC bonus for melee only (no protection from missile fire) or they can use the weapon to attack. As per the rules there is 1 die roll but if the attack is successful a minor secondary weapon would give a + 1 bonus to the damage rolled and a small weapon + 2.

Balanced? Any ideas?