Topic: Gardening Society Discount

I've read in the gardening society description that it has to be manually activated before the discount applies, so does this mean I need to make 2 seperate orders? One for the gardening society card and one for my order with the discount applied, right? Or does it apply retroactively as long as the order isn't packed/shipped yet?

I'm not a publisher and I don't run a web store, so I'm not sure how this works smile (90% sure it's the first way, but I could be wrong)

Re: Gardening Society Discount

Order the Gardening Society by itself. Wait for my email saying you've been upgraded for the discount to become active. Then order the actual stuff you want, and your card will be put in with the first order.

(I've also clarified this in the Gardening Society product description.)

Re: Gardening Society Discount

Thanks, Jim! smile