Topic: LotFP Grindhouse Edition Errata

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Rules & Magic Book

p24-29 Unfortunately the font used does not really make the difference between italicized and bold+italicized items clear. These are the oversized items in the equipment lists:

Armor: Shield
Weapons: Lance, Mancatcher, Polearm, Weapon Great
Missile Weapons: Bow Long, Crossbow Heavy
Containers: Barrel, Chest
Misc. Equipment: Ladder 10', Pole 10', Riding Gear, all Tents (Grand and Pavilion should probably be too big for a person to carry, actually)

p86 and 132 Read Magic should not be reversible.

p88 Animate Dead Monsters should be a 6th level MU spell (the spell lists are correct)

p98-99 Ignore the last sentence in both Major and Minor Creation.

p111 Hallucinatory Terrain should affect a 10' square area per level.

p113 Hold Person: Ignore the bit about the worms; in the earlier edition the spell specified the mystic force used to paralyze the target. Characters of a higher level than the caster, undead, and mindless creatures are still unaffected however.

p119 The reverse effect for Locate Object is missing. It should be: "The reverse of the spell makes the location of one object (which must be touched at the time of casting) completely unknown and unknowable to anyone not able to directly sense it (through sight, hearing, smell, etc.) for the duration of the spell."