Topic: Need advice with "Smile with us, friend"

Checking this module and I would like to hear about some potential pitfalls and what I should prepare ahead of time to be not surprised. It's just too loose for me and I am not sure what can happen. If you have run this module what happened in your game?

And more specific questions:

    What about the surface, did cultists walks there, what there can happen?

    And did the widow's household moved to dungeon entirely or it's about some inner stuff?

    How often I should roll for encounter and how moving in complex works? I am about speed, scales and distances.

    Do you have some ideas about magic connection with Spinner in Darkness and the secret of taking human form?

    As I understand I should increase treasure values in 10 times to be comparable with OSR leveling charts, am I right?

Re: Need advice with "Smile with us, friend"

I've never run it; I did read through it quite a while ago and just skimmed through to remind myself of the main points.

-The surface: you should put a town nearby. There are numerous towns in LotFP adventures you could use (Obscene Serpent Religion 2, a few in Better Than Any Man, etc.) The cultists do come around periodically and ask people to join the cult. You could include an early scene where the party sees people running to hide from a friendly cultist coming into town.

-I think the widow just moved all her stuff there and left the house empty.

-I would roll 1d20 for the encounter once per room, and when directed under an entry. Once a named cultist is in a room, they would become a "nothing" result on the roll in the future (unless a lot of time has passed).

-Personally, I wouldn't worry about the Spinner in the Darkness until my players engaged with the module and I saw how they dealt with it.

-I think this module was written with OSR/LotFP in mind, so not sure you need to increase treasure values?

Re: Need advice with "Smile with us, friend"

Thanks for answer!

About surface I thought there should be a small village near the dungeon, but now I think to place a larger distant town, maybe at 1 day travel distance.

About treasures, I think presented in dungeon not enough even for 1 1st level character...

Re: Need advice with "Smile with us, friend"

Yeah, about a day away would mean less cultists coming by, so a bigger event when one does actually show up.

It just occurred to me that the treasure is probably supposed to be the possessions of the rich widow who moved all her stuff there - so there would be furniture, jewelry, art, and likely silver coins. It's left open enough that you could set it at whatever value you want - so characters could level up, or maybe halfway to level one, or whatever feels right to you.