Topic: the aftermath of NSFW (Spoilers)

So I was thinking about running NSFW, and I was wondering about the aftermath if the ritual succeeds.
How would you or your players react to these Witches who have declared their leader the new Queen and want to bring Equality and Freedom to Britain?
What cabinet positions is she likely to appoint the Bishops of the Synod?
What spaces are potentially open for player characters?
How would they go about accomplishing their conquest of Britain?
Would you or your players join Orelia and go on missions to help with the conquest? Or would the PC's attack immediately?
DMs: What kinds of forces would you give King James to help resist the Witches?

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Re: the aftermath of NSFW (Spoilers)

My players went in to kill the witches, then discovered everyone else trying to kill the witches were total dicks, so they decided to help instead. The ritual succeeded, and the players were all made "ambassadors" to the witches. They each got a random (beneficial) mutant power from The Metamorphica and a symbol magically carved into their foreheads (it can't be covered - it burns through any hat or helmet placed over it).

The witches now help provide the players with quests ("to explore the dark parts of the earth and make them safe for humanity") and to spread their message of equality to all.

So far, the players have enlisted Joop van Ooms to the cause. However, King James has allied himself with a certain wizard from a certain tower that the players mercilessly mocked as they stole his shit (they actually don't know this guy is involved yet, just that London Tower was somehow magically protected as the Witches invaded it to free the political prisoners).

As the players go on other adventures and return to England, they see events that have transpired and interact with the Witches as needed, otherwise they're generally in the background. My plan is to mix it up with England Upturn'd - there will be a civil war between the Witches and King James, but the common person is going to have to decide if their religion is more important or their belief in equality.

Re: the aftermath of NSFW (Spoilers)

Much of this I made up on the fly, or as the adventure progressed and I started to see what the players might do, I thought up ideas between sessions. Go with what seems fun at the moment and "reward" players for risky or bold choices and ideas.

It's more fun to play in a fucked up world than it is to end the world and start over again! wink

Re: the aftermath of NSFW (Spoilers)

There will have to be a certain amount of improvisation on my part. Players are often unpredictable. This is why I feel I need to be prepared for both the Players joining Queen Orelia or fleeing and joining King James. But I don't want to run a nuts-and-bolts conquest. I would rather the Players be sent on missions by one king or the other Queen.

And what do the Witches do first? There needs to be a certain amount of clean-up, first in the Priory, and then in the villages that were inside the largest sphere. Any dangerous creatures need to be eliminated . . .

What is the Witch political philosophy to likely be? I think it will be a mix of libertarianism and socialism. All rights granted in the Magna Carta will be extended to every man and woman. With more rights added including equality of the sexes, equality classes and freed of dress and religion.

The Witches are likely to start a new religion with Wadjet as the Head Cleric. There would be some debate about whether the new religion would be focused only on Terpsichore, or on all of the Muses, or the entire Greek Pantheon. And Friendly PCs would have the ability to help shape this theology. Services are likely to consist of women dancing while men play instruments.

But this freedom of Religion would also have the effect of allowing other religious groups to appear, pushing up the events from England Upturn'd.

As for Queen Orelia's cabinet: I see Astarte as Minister of War, Demeter as Minister of Science, Duna and Nekbet dividing the Inteligence responsibilities between them. And Wadjet as Head Cleric. I think PCs are likely to think filling the other cabinet positions is boring. But male PC's might become husbands to some on the Witches. And Female PCs might be invited to join the Synod/Coven. So I will need to come up with some NPC's to fill the other cabinet positions. The other women and nuns that help with the ritual are likely to become 1st level in a class and become henchmen to the Witches. But they are unlikely to be active until the babies are older.

I will also have to come up with a whole series of NPCs that are helping King James. Since I am running Deep Carbon Observatory now, any of the surviving Crows may join whichever side the PCs do not.

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Re: the aftermath of NSFW (Spoilers)

I got to this point, I was prepared for an epic battle between the PC's and the Witches + the Crows.
If the PC's had joined the Witches, I had in mind a list of adventures to run as Quests Orelia would send them on.

Instead, The PC's left town! They have vague idea of going after the Coven later. But The PC Cleric is Catholic, so joining King James' side is a no go too.
This leaves me having to have the upcoming war between Queen Orelia and King James be background events.

And now I have to come up with an adventure that keeps them out of the way.

Re: the aftermath of NSFW (Spoilers)

Hi, this is a necromantic post, but for the records:

- My players hesitated a lot, finally they negociated with the witches that they could take the Abbot's treasures and will not disrupt the rituals. They killed the abbott and every threats to the ritual (without knowing it) - mainly Anna and the Abbott. Their negociatoins went very well, so the Knight didn't attack them, on Orelia's words and was there to kill Kyrkwood and its peasants. I houseruled some NPC vs NPC interactions on the fly (I rolled a few d6 equal to NPC 1's HD or level vs NPC 2's HD or level, and keeps the highest. The highest number wins. If equal, nobody wins).
- If some of the threats would have be there, the ritual could have been disrupted without the players knowing it.
- They are very cautious and lucky, we played Tales of the scarecrow, then No rest for the wicked, and now NSFW, and nobody's dead. They don't know if the ritual will work but they left the town and their only concern is "how to get the harpschicord from the farm", true adventurers.

Now I'm in a pause (so I can be player) for a moment, but I'll show some clues about how the ritual affect the region in future adventures. I will specifically avoid the "Quest giving NPCs" and will draw from England upturn'd. The St John vs Woolcott seems to be a nice option.

My plan is to do something like Better than Any Man : time pressure before Woolcott's domination (but with more time), random encounters expressing the changing world, and a few bounty against elites of the old world, but most of them will be regular humans (surely hidden in dungeons!). I think I'll throw a region map with the God that Crawls, a Seclusium of Orphones, and a few homebrown very small dungeons. I'm thinking about an hex map but won't have the energy/time to work on a full time.  Then I'll build something up between sessions based on the encounters.

I will avoid any new "religions" from the Synode, but will see on the fly. 

Strangely England Upturn'd writes about a hex map (something like "there is 1d3 farmstead by hex", but there's no hex map. Does somebody knows something about that?