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LotFP just recently became known to me and I like it quite a lot, but I have some simple understanding problems.
How does the referee roll for the monster's attacks?

So, for example:
In the rules is a monster with Armor 12, 2 Hit Dice, Movement 60', 1 bite attack doing 1d6 damage, Morale 12.
When the PCs want to hit the monster, they need to roll 1d20 against its armor class, as described in the rules. They get their modifiers etc.
But what does an enemy roll? Do they roll 1d20 against the PC's AC, too? Which modifiers would this creature here get? Do all the monsters just have the same chance to hit anyone?

Thank you in advance!

Re: Rolling for Monsters in LotFP

In general you treat monsters like Fighters of the same level (Hit Die = Level) so the monster above would be like a 2nd level Fighter. This mainly only matters if you need to make saving throws for it.

To attack, just use the monster's Hit Die number as their attack modifier. So the monster above would roll 1d20 and add 2 to the roll. If it meets or beats the PC's armor rating, then it would roll 1d6 damage.

I recommend downloading the free Referee guide and looking at the section on monsters for more information and advice.

Re: Rolling for Monsters in LotFP


Bonus attack of monsters = their Hit Dice. It's written in the Referee Book, p. 49, which you can download for free at … e-Edition] ; recommended reading

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