Topic: Announcing...

The contracts are signed! The evil can now be revealed!

Lamentations of the Flame Princess has been officially authorized to announce THE BOOK OF ANTITHESES!

Writing by Towers Two co-author Jobe Bittman!

Illustrations by Grammy-nominated artist Benjamin Marra!

The project is in layout now! In fact Jobe and LotFP Layout Guru Alex recently were supposed to have a meeting concerning the project's graphic design, but after hailing Satan instead decided to go trash the Wizards of the Coast offices, as documented by CCT camera screencaps here. I've heard reports they went to do the same to Paizo's offices,
but their employees barricaded the entrances with copies of their rulebooks and as we all know it is impossible to get through one of those.

The Book of Antitheses is described by the author as a "book of magick for game masters" and that's a better description than any I've been able to come up with.

Look for it in 2020 if we're lucky, and later than that if we're LotFP.

Pics here: … 9iqwqxikdh

Royal Decree by the King