Topic: Simple Firearms for LOTFP

LoTFP gives me a Stormbringer/Witch Hunter sort of feel. Given that, do the Grindhouse rules have something for simple firearms - I'm thinking the kind of pistols that you have several of (if you can afford it) because it takes so long to reload, and a larger blunderbuss sort of thing, again that takes rounds to reload. If not, has anyone created such rules? Any other thoughts?

Re: Simple Firearms for LOTFP

I've house ruled firearms into my campaign:

PISTOL—damage: d8; rate of fire: 1/3; Cost: 50sp; Range:  50’/150’/450’
MUSKET—damage: d8; rate of fire: 1/4; Cost: 75sp; Range:  50’/200’/600’
BLUNDERBUS—damage (by range): d10/d8/d6; rate of fire: 1/4; Cost: 75; Range:  50’/100’/300’

Cost of ammunition is 5cp per shot (includes powder and ball). A powder horn and shot pouch which holds up to 20 shots costs the same as a quiver.