Topic: No XP for monetary rewards?

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the current basic rules for LotFP suggest two modus operandi for XP rewards (aside from those that hail from overcoming a dangerous enemy). A flat number of XP per session (optional) and an xp for every silver peace that the treasure recovered during an adventure is worth. Theft and pillaging is excluded in this (for obvious reasons) as well.. monetary rewards. The latter strikes me as odd. When I design adventure, I frankly counted them as “XP” so far.

What has your approach been so far? And how would you treat the following examples (if you would treat them differently at all).

# a bounty on the head of known criminal

# the money that a grateful family gives to the rescuers of their daughter

# a bounty put onto the head of a monster by a local baron (or other figure of authority)

# “blood money” offered for assassination

# a ransom gained for the return of a knight beaten and captured in an open battle.

# a reward paid by an interest party for supposed-to-be-lost relic or artifact

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me.

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Re: No XP for monetary rewards?

I have embraced the concept of giving XP to players for whatever I want them to do more of (ie, fun things!)

All of your examples seem like interesting adventure situations so I would give XP.

If they successfully complete an adventure, I will also reward a fair amount of XP even if they didn’t get much money.

I wouldn’t give XP for selling used equipment, stealing from common people, or performing menial jobs.

I sometimes give XP for magic items, if it seems like more of a treasure, it was for someone else, or the adventure was otherwise lacking in XP opportunities.