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I am thinking about making my own referee screen and I want to know your suggestions about which tables are the most useful to include.

So far I am sure that I want to include the table for NPC reactions, an emotion matrix, a table of weapons with damage and range and armor with AC.

Which tables do you use in your screens?

I found this cheat sheet with a summary of LotFP rules ( … heatsheet/) and the only issue I see is that the sneak attack notes are not correct (according to the manual each point assigned to sneak attack increases the damage multiplier by one). Do you find other issues? Do you know about other summary of the rules?

Thank you in advance!

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I created a digital screen in excel, and in addition to what you list, I found the following useful:

movement speed conversions (exploration, overland, etc.)
how long light sources last and their range (candle, torch, lantern)
terrains modifiers for bushcraft
XP per HD for monsters
Hazards (fire, falling, drowning, etc.)

Also, b/c I can never remember it, I include how long a turn, round, and segment are.

Re: Referee screen & LotFP cheat sheet

Thank  you very much, these are all great suggestions!

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Don't forget to include Saving Throws.  It is a lifesaver when determining how to Save for different monsters and humans.

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if I could just get a digital copy in black and white of the inside cover of Rules and Magic, I could print that on yardstick to be my screen.