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When using a skill with a zero or negative chance (mostly thinking languages with negative intelligence modifier learning foreign or exotic languages).. what is the rule for chance of success (is there even one)? I used the inverse of the 6/6 rule having them only succeed if rolling a 1 twice.

Re: Negative skill chance

Hm. I think I remember that there was a rule, but I found it neither. In any case, "less than zero" at my gaming table means that a character cannot be successful.

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Re: Negative skill chance

I think both of your ideas work.

I do something else: instead of a x in 6 chance, I just have PCs add their skill points to a 2d6 roll. Getting double digits is a success (10, 11, or 12). Getting a 2 is an epic failure, which could possibly result in death (if it makes sense). This allows a chance of success for those with 0 skill points, but also can make it very risky.

For some checks, I also allow a "success with complication" if they roll a 7-9.