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Hello, I'm new here. If the question has already been asked, I am sorry to put a new post for it, but I just wasn't reading 24 pages just to check.

So here is my question. Ramming with a boat does different damage depending on whether the target is another boat or a sea creature, one having SHP and the other just HP. How does it goes for the catapult? Damage in HP is not listed, and if I just apply the x10 multiplication, I get tremendous damage (compared to the roughly x4 multiplication for the ram). And just 3d6 seems lo for something that bores holes in the hull of a ship.

Thank you in advance.

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I can’t find an official clarification from the rules, however, I think multiplying times 10 for catapults vs monsters is implied.

I think ramming was called out because it specifically does less damage to large sea monsters than to other ships.

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Thank you very much.
That means I can put creatures up to 20 HD without worrying about the ship's ability to defend itself (with the help of the pirate crew, obviously), at least at a distance.