Topic: Modifiers for high ability scores

Thanks to some shenanigans in Death Frost Doom, I now have a player with a wisdom score of 25. The player wants to know what the modifier for that will be.

Behind the screen, I know the real answer is 10 demons in 4 weeks, which should be fun, as that character is the sole survivor of the team that ascended the mountain, and only got away thanks to a very well timed potion of transposition preceded by a "so long suckers!"

Re: Modifiers for high ability scores

Seems like +10 at the least, right? I mean, what can it hurt? Give him plus 20 if he wants

Re: Modifiers for high ability scores

Well, lacking any serious suggestions, I suppose I'll default to the standard non-LotFP modifiers and call it +7.

Re: Modifiers for high ability scores

Sorry, my suggestion was serious. If you continue the pattern of modifiers, it seems like it would be at least +1 for each step beyond 18 (which would equal +10). If you used a "roll under Wisdom" check mechanic, with a failure only on a 20, then the character would succeed on 95% of their Wisdom checks (or 100% if you don't incorporate any auto failure). So a +10 or +20 honestly doesn't seem to make much difference to me...especially since they'll be swarmed by demons in a few weeks.

Let the player have their fun before they suffer. smile