Topic: Question about helpless opponents

In the free pdf rules, one finds details about being helpless 3 times. The first, when describing the effect of a mancatcher ; the second, when detailing the conditions of spell casting ; and the third, when speaking about different combat issues ("helpless opponents").

The 3 descriptions seem coherent : when you're helpless, any attack automatically hits for maximum damage. In such a harsh world, it sounds logical because casting a spell requires you to be motionless (as you are when caught by a mancatcher ou being simply helpless). So far, so good but then, I read the description of what being helpless amounts to in the combat issues section and I don't get it anymore. I'll explain why after having said that, as a French man, my English is far from perfect and my problem may simply come from this simple fact.

So, here I go, the text states that being helpless means being unable to avoid blows because you're not aware of them (sleeping) or because you can't significantly move (being bound or frozen). If all descriptions are coherent, it means that being caught by a mancatcher, casting a spell or being magically frozen makes you automatically hit for maximum damage.

Should that mean that helpless opponents can't have their throats slit, ie that there's no coup de grâce, killing automatically monsters or characters ?

Re: Question about helpless opponents

We'll have to wait for an official ruling from Raggi, but my thought on this is situation dependent.

If the opponent is in a Man-Catcher, automatic hits for max damage makes sense.  If they are magically slept or frozen, I'd say the traditional "coup de grace" instant kill is appropriate.  Anywhere in between, I'd consider giving a saving throw to determine if they can react quick enough to either take max damage (a successful save) or die (an unsuccessful one).

That's just how I'd run it.  Your mileage may vary.

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