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Hello everyone, so i read through the book and i love it so far. i'm going to DM on "the isle of the unknown" but i have some question about the property rules :
First of all how do you calculate the property value ?
And what about the laboratory value and library value on the character sheet ?
Is there a minimum to the size of the property ? Because if my players recruit an alchemist can they just rent 15' square (living space for the alchemist) is it okay or that does not sound realistic in game terms ?

If you got an answer for all of those questions i'll be so thankful.

Re: Property rules

Hi Zafele,

I guess that the property rules are just meant as guidelines for the case that a player wants property. Personally, I did not use them up to now in my games (as I focus on the adventures themselves at this point).

Of course the players may just rent a room for any of their employers, but what rooms are available are up to you as a GM. Which means: wave it through if you want to, make it difficult if you think that this is more interesting for the game.

An alchemist -might- be a bit tricky here, so: working space is needed as well, an a landlord that finds out that the rented room is used for strange experiments might just throw the alchemist out (and either keep the pre-paid rent or throw the coins right after him into the streets).

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