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**D.'s Magic-User was also able to converse with the Guardian, after getting a 11 reaction roll. Guardian used a funny voice to talk about how much pain he was in, how long his journey was, how he could never find sleep, etc.

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Death Frost Doom part 2

Ok, I drank a glass of whiskey before. They went back to the dungeon, I took the effort to keep track of time with the torches, that was a good move, because they had to pay attention to how much fuel they had, and that was a constant source of tension.

Basically they explored the empty rooms, took the cursed dagger and necklace, didn't touch the organ. I made a mistake: the hanging skulls aren't supposed to have teeth, but I forgot that, so they used a hanging skull's tooth to open the door. They take the flesh golem book, the eyepiece, decide not to explore the crypts, mess around with the Eye of Many Eyes. New magic user decides to take coins, welches on the con 4 penalty after I tell him they're copper coins.

Then they get to the vine room, which I'm a little too tired to describe properly, but I show everyone the included picture. They attack the vine, but flee before it can damage them. End of session.

Notes: shouldn't drink b4 games, fucked up that they got thru that door without giving up a tooth. But this was a real good session.

Good things:
- drawing the map with a magic marker, new room by new room, not to scale, on a larger poster board as they explored:: best way to map I've used so far.
- keeping track of the torch timer and the rations is paying off well, it's a source of tension to go up the mountain. Practically though I haven't found a good way to make sure they're keeping track of encumbrance. For torches I mark 10 min increments off on the map, and for rations I tell them to mark it off on their sheet. Also keeping track of encumbrance means referring to a confusing table I have to distill down more I guess.
(Like maybe I just say, anytime I want I can say "give me your character sheet!" and I'll tell you slow you are, so make sure to not have too much stuff)

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Players have collected lots of money from the Du'van Kan temple in Death Frost Doom: a total of 22,000 silver pieces, and a guide to creating flesh golems.

They head back to The Yellow City, where they make contact with Doc Hog, a unseasonable gentleman willing to pay for the golem guide, who agrees to adventure along with them back to the Death Frost Doom temple.

The Doctor brings his two bowler-wearing, thompson gun handling apes, and the players bring two guards, two wagons, four donkeys, and a great deal of adventuring gear.

At Death Frost mountain's peak, they reenter the cult's lair. Commanding his apes, Hog slays the plant beast, and after one ape sacrifices another upon the temple's altar due to a curse, they begin to loot the Greater Tombs.

During the looting, a Wight animates, and attacks them. During the ensuing combat:
-an ape picks up one player and uses him as a club to bludgeon the Wight
-a ghoul joins the fray
-Doc Hog repeatedly jellifies and shrinks the ghoul, and manages to reverse gravity for his remaining ape, who falls to the ceiling of the 20 ft-tall room
-after the undead are defeated, the player's cleric commands Doc Hog to sleep, and promptly coup-de-grace's him
-the remaining ape, enraged, leaps onto to the party's magic-user, who is brought by the force of the ape's reversed gravity up to the ceiling, a 20 ft drop/lift
-the 20ft drop/lift kills the ape with falling damage, and the magic-user then falls 20ft from the ceiling to his own death

The remaining player Cleric takes stock of the dead's inventories and flees.

He is able to reach the summit of the mountain, outside the temple, roughly 10min before the dead claw out of their graves, awakened as they are by the death of the plant monster
-As his guards nobly remain to hitch the wagons to flee, the cleric leaves the mountaintop, pursued by thousands of ghouls who promptly eat the steadfast guards

The cleric returns to The Yellow City, and hires a guide (a new PC) who happens to be the half-brother of one of the dead guards.

The guide kills the cleric in a single blow after the cleric tells the guide of the approaching zombie hoard, as well as the tragic death of the guide's brother.

The guide goes back to the Yellow City a few days ahead of the Zombie Siege.

As the Yellow City is sieged by Zombies, the new PCs, the guide and an Elf, sell off Doc Hog's twice looted artefacts, and attempt to escape through the sewers.

-No sewer escape is found.

The Yellow City is fully sieged by Zombies around its walls.

The players hatch a plan to stir discontent by capturing a noble, tattooing a crude map of an escape route from the city on the noble's back, and releasing him in a public space.

This plan doesn't really work.

They hatch a second plan to escape by starting riots, and in the confusion, opening the gates to let the zombies in, causing an eventual break in the line of zombies as they filter into the city.

To enact this plan they start several fires in abandoned houses which, due to the lack of accessible water in a siege, become neighborhood-wide and enflame riots.

After further supporting their plan by throwing rocks at a guard outpost near a riot, they are able to take hold of the city's western gate after the involved guards flee.

They let the zombies in, and wait until a break in the zombie hoard develops, and flee west, towards Vornheim.

No XP is gained.

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The PC's walk in on the left side of the map, get ambushed + killed by a pack of ghouls.

New PC's walkin on the right side of the map, meet the Glass Tiger, the PCs decide to wrestle and tame the Tiger. They manage to wrestle and pin the Tiger and bind it with rope, incredibly enough.

They bring the Glass Tiger to the refugee camp, and try to leverage their way into the city. This ends up in a riot and a duel between the Tiger and a PC which ends in the PC's death. There's also a lot of random refugee killing.

After all that, with a new PC, the players go looking for a smuggler's tunnel they heard about. In the process they link up with a gang called "The Bandits" or "The P.I.'s" and after some shenanigans they end up at the Abandoned Farmhouse, which in my version of BTAM, is the terminus for the smuggler's tunnel into the city. After some more shenanigans involving fake zombies (particularly appropriate because of the encroaching zombie hoard) they link up with the OTHER gang hiding in the farmhouse. That's where the session ends.

Player deaths: 4 total