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Hallo! Has been a while. Finally getting around to tormenting some players again. However, the player count is probably going to be relatively low (i.e. maybe just 2 people)

Now I am wondering if you guys have any cookie-cutter, general strategies for adapting a modul to a lower player count? (Im running DFD in this case, just fyi)

Retainers, let them start at higher level, adapt monster strength.. ?
What have you found works best for you?


Re: Low player count

Maybe letting each play 2 characters?

Also, check out "Scarlet Heroes." It has some adjustments for making OSR modules into single player (ie, 1 referee and 1 player) that might also work for 2 players.

Re: Low player count

I'm not sure I like having them play 2 characters.
I was thinking we could 1 retainer and I breath as much life into that one as possible by the retainer kinda being a mix between an actual retainer and me taking it over at certain points (like when communicating story or something, not for combat)

I ll check out Scarlet Heroes, ty very much!

Re: Low player count

The easiest way is to lower prices for retainers. In OD&D price for a heavy foot soldier is 3gp per month! More problematic is obtaining them - weakly cost for callers and recruiters are 1d6x100gp. Traditional games are based around groups of adventurers and their hiredmen, not lone heroes doing great and mighty deeds. If you want to encourage your players about hiring more men then maybe offer them lower prices during character creation?

Re: Low player count

We were lucky and 2 additional players joined in on short notice. Completely new to roleplaying, but they loved it. smile