Topic: How does Languages roll work?

Help me out here. Suppose I rolled up a character and made him Hungarian, not knowing that the campaign was going to be in germany. Hungarian is the native language. I meet some germans. I fail my roll. Is this my one and only chance to know German? Or do I get to roll every time I meet a german?

I'm a specialist and I put a bunch of points in languages. I meet spanish mercenaries, make my role. Now I speak spanish. I meet members of the Swedish army. Make my roll. Now I speak Swedish. Is the a limit in how many languages I can know this way?

Re: How does Languages roll work?

You roll only once, result indicates if you know that language or not. There is no further rolls after failure. There is no upper limit, Referee as usual is highest authority in this matter. If you do not know foreign language (initial roll failure) then you can only try to learn it in game. You must ask your Ref how he/she will do this. Usually all you need is to be constantly with people who use it everyday and actively try to learn. Maybe find some sage who may teach it to your character, but it'll probably cost you some money and time.

Re: How does Languages roll work?

Doom-Cave of the Crystal Headed Children (which can be downloaded for free from … -Children) has following rules for learning new languages:
Character is considered conversant in the new language after 6 months of full immersion, fluent after two years. Language can be taught by a tutor, but that takes two years of five lessons a week (3 sp a session) to become conversant and fluency doesn't come until after being immersed in the language.

Of course your Ref might have other ideas as your character is a skilled adventurer and adventurers have a knack for languages! Or whatever. Having communication trouble within the party can be fun to roleplay, but if it becomes a chore I suggest you guys handwave it. Maybe everyone can speak English or some other trade language?