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Hello all! First time poster with a question. In the current rules it states on page 56:

When surprise is possible, roll 1d6 for each side which might be surprised; most normal characters are surprised on a roll of 1–2. Surprised characters are unable to act for one Round.
This makes sense; my PCs are hidden in a room, a group of goblins come in and the gerblins might be surprised, so they rolled and are surprised on a 1 or 2 (only a 1 if they were really elves).

The next sentence states:

Characters or creatures which are well hidden and prepared to perform an ambush act from surprise on a roll of 1–4 on 1d6.

I don't get this. So if the PCs successfully roll stealth before the goblins appear don't automatically ambush the goblins on their (goblins) roll of 1 or 2? Is the 1-4 an Ambush skill check that's the same for everyone? This seems a little at odds with a successful stealth check followed by a unsuccessful notice check on the part of the goblins.

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Re: Query about Surprise

If Stealth is used, or if there's a clever setup relevant to the current situation, use the 1-4.

It's not automatic because surely the player group will be subject to a lot more possible ambushes over the course of a campaign, got to cut them a break somehow.

Re: Query about Surprise

I get it, the 1-4 range is the advantage they get if they successfully hide.