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Hi all

I'm starting a new campaign using the LotFP rule set and I'm trying to use existing adventure where it fits. I've only ever played pathfinder and most of the players have only played pathfinder as well, so many were set back by the niche class systems. I'm then very keen on the Tales of the Grotesque and Dungeonesque multi-classing suggestions.

To that end I've created a spreadsheet that you can use to add you class levels, and then your spell slots, saving throws, BAB, etc. is calculated. I've used a weighted average to calculate the saving throws and I've stated in my campaign you can't be a Cleric and a Magic-user.

You can access it here:
LotFP Multi-classing.xlsx

Suggestions are welcome and I hope some can find it useful smile


Re: Multiclassing Tool

I just opened the sheet. But firstly I Just think that its a product...