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From the actual post (with the main difference being that anyone who posts in here I'll add the room myself back in the post if you don't have an account to post there):

  I'm going to let you guys fill the dungeon. At some point during my campaign when all my players have reached level 2, I will run it for them and post the result of the game in this blog afterwards.
  The way this works is: In the comments, write the room number and what is inside. (Monsters, treasure, etc.) Anything you leave out means it isn't there. (For example, if you don't write any loot on a goblin, the goblin had nothing loot-worthy.)
  Boring Example: Room #X: 1 goblin armed with a shortsword and a buckler, wearing leather armor. (Coin purse with 2 GP and a back-scratcher under his belt.)
  You have to write the rooms IN NUMERICAL ORDER and it's ONE ROOM PER PERSON. There's no time limit, it's done when Room #25 has been filled.
  Please make sure that you take into account what others have established for the dungeon so far when you add your own room idea. If two people happen to post the same room number at once, I will bump one of them into the next number via the comments section unless moving it would make no sense, if that happens we'll think of something.
  I do reserve the right to modify or remove a room idea via comments. (For example, if someone writes that anyone who walks into the room dies without a Saving Throw just like that, obviously I won't keep it.) If that happens, it's the one time someone else can 'go back' and fill a previous room.
  What players will find in the rooms can be good, bad, or a little of both.The main goal is to make a dungeon that will be different, interesting and varied via collaboration of different ideas and playing styles.
  Ready? Set? Go!!!!

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thanks for sharing..

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Room #1: An oddly immaculate sitting room, decorated in fine taste.  A small liquor cabinet, locked, sits in the SW corner.  It contains what appear to be 7 rare and expensive vintages (each worth around 1000sp). 

Having at least 4oz of any of these liquors heals 2d6 HP of damage.  Characters who are at less than full HP after drinking, at DM discretion, must Save v Magic or take another drink.  Anyone who drinks 3 or more servings must Save v Poison or become incapacitated for 2d4 hours with violent, fiery gut pain and tremendous nausea as microscopic bugs attack their system.  They are completely helpless while this occurs, and take 1d4 points of damage each hour.

Anyone foolish enough to drink an entire bottle at once must Save v Poison, or die instantly as the concentration of bugs reaches critical levels.  The rest of the adventuring party can only watch in horror as the character essentially dissolves before their eyes.

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[Norsbot, I guess you are answering a dead topic here, as the original request was from 2012.. but then again, why not starting the game anew?]

02# Cloakroom
All doors to this room are stuck (but not locked) and thereby call for a check for Open Doors. Once one of them is opened, the characters are greeted by a waft of moldy air and the smell of mothballs. The whole room sports a wooden paneling and the walls are lined with tatters and rags of what once were overcoats and jackets (hanging from cloak hooks). A number of small cabinets hold the remains of different hats and footwear. Among that, partially hidden by a hallstand that is thick with cobwebs, the mummified remains of man with a powdered wig and a lackey uniform can be found. Just as the characters have entered the room, the mummy will come to life and rasp „May I have your coat?“ while reaching out, staring at the nearest PC with empty eye sockets and a rictus grin.

The mummified Lackey will not attack anybody unless the characters attack it first or try to take something that is not theirs (in which it will give protest first and try to take back what the PC took). It is a HD 0 Monster with 8 Hit Points and its bare, dead hands do 1d4 damage. If it is hit a cloud of dust rises from its dried body and every character in the same room must pass a Saving Throw vs. Poison or will be stunned for the next 1d4 rounds as he or she coughs and wretches.

Almost everything in this room is decayed to the point of uselessness, but characters that Search the room successfully may find a silver brooch (4 sp), four fine copper buckles (1 sp each), a hatpin with the splinter of a blue gem (3 sp) and a set of cloth brushes with ornamented silver handles (7 sp in total).

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