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I just realized I've never posted about this game here.

A couple of years ago I started buying LotFP products, fell in love with them, and wanted to run with them.

I told some friends about a game I wanted to run, started a Meetup group to round it out, and ended up with six terrific players.

The game is set in 17th Century Europe. Not only is there Thirty Wars War raging, but there is a interplanetary war of many worlds being fought across Europe as well. (My thinking is: How do I create a setting where I can use all the modules I love? Alternate worlds and gods battling it out on earth!)

So the Duvan’Ku temple from Death Frost Doom is in the Alps. Sorcerers from Carcosa has been sending agents and spies to our world in order to take it over (to have access to more human sacrifices). And there is an otherworldly explorer they have tracked down has has the means of traveling to alternate earths with more adventures (Qelong, Castle Gargantua, and Isle of the Unknown, among others.)

We been playing as a group now for about a year -- with about six months of play under our belts. (We taken breaks for other people to run games as well, including Cyberpunk 2020 and Unknown Armies 3rd edition, as well as holiday breaks.)

I've got a blog where I recap sessions as well as talk about RPG tools and stuff in general (as well as many posts about Classic Traveller). If your'e interested, this link will take you to all the posts about Lamentations of the Flame Princess and the game I'm running.

In the most recent sessions:

Confronted by a magical tower full wall-to-wall with zombies, my players pulled out a magical item they'd found months ago in The God That Crawls and ended up with a ship that can sail between alternate earths...

So, that happened.

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Here is a Character Creation Pamphlet I made last year. They are formatted in A5, but can easily fit into 8.5"x11". If you have booklet printing they form a little pamphlet.

I am using the default 17th Century Europe for my setting, so there are no Elves or Dwarves in the pamphlet, but the other four classes are represented.

They walk new players through the basics of creating a character so each person can move at their own pace.

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I'm always looking forward to your recaps. It's amazing how you've been able to turn all those modules into a coherent whole.
Hafta admit, I've been tempted more than once to borrow an idea or two from you. smile

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The Adventures Continue!

Power Armor! A Decapitated Witch's Head! A Ship That Travels Between Worlds! And the King in Yellow pays a visit to the Thirty Years War!

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My Players' characters are heading off to Qelong next week. I've made an Aakom Poison Tracker Sheet to keep track of Aakom Poison. (Those of you have read Qelong will know why I did this.)