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I acquired the book recently. I love the production values. It looks great.

But, I wonder if the dice conventions at the front were intended to be some kind of parody of Gygaxian rules and writing style. They seem a bit over-the-top. Did it read that way to anyone else?

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A lot of Carcosa feels pretty just-because in design. So, yeah, I assume the dice rules are there mostly for the first scratch novelty and heck of it.

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The hex descriptions indicate many villages with a certain population and a leader. For instance, hex 0109 has 320 orange men ruled by an 8th level fighter. Does it mean that 320 is the entire village population including both sexes and children? Or, does it mean that there are literally 320 men and then, presumably, there are certain numbers of women and children?

What's your take on that?

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I believe I read somewhere that it was Geoffrey's intention to introduce the odd dice conventions as an homage to the original rules' propensity to state "roll a die" without defining what die to throw (though it was assumed that a d6 was intended)... plus it thoroughly embraces the psychedelic opiate-fever that is Carcosa.   wink

As for the village descriptions, they are meant to be as vague as possible, leaving room for you to flesh out the details. Perhaps that number of Orange Men includes non-combatants, perhaps not. Or maybe it is entirely made up of one sex, and no one is older than a teenager. Or maybe they aren't really Orange Men, but androids created by the Space Aliens to spy on the nearby enclave of Sorceror-monks...


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I play with the "roll all the dice" rules for rolling up hit dice, and doing damage. I don't use the other rules for tracking damage and all of that junk. It's fun rolling all the dice.