Topic: First time Carcosa GM (need advice)

hey guys I am running Carcosa for my players next Sunday and wondered if there was any Carcosa veterans with advice on the best way to run the setting?

I was going to print out the monster lists, as I am not a hardcore lovecraft guy so having a who's who would really help.

Re: First time Carcosa GM (need advice)

I've ran six sessions now. I started my players off in an abandoned space alien outpost. They moved to a town near by from there, and have been exploring the area since. (I have some stuff up online about the game so far.) Most of the enemies they have fought thus far have been other men (slavers!) or spawn. I'm also not familiar with all the Cthulu stuff at all. It hasn't been an important part of my game so far.

I made a website for helping generate random spawn, dinosaurs, towns, etc:

Good luck.