Topic: Elf Xp balanced to its abilities?

It seems to me that the Elf gets a higher price tag for gaining levels but doesn't really have too much to offset this expense especially when they only get Read Magic as a spell at 1st level. 


Re: Elf Xp balanced to its abilities?

Elf gets better saving throws, bonus to notice "skill", ablility to use all combat maneuvers (with +4 to parry), uses d6 as Hit Dice all the time (M-U d4 after 1 level) and is surprised only after rolling 1. Higher price tag isn't just because, it is there for a reason[s].

Re: Elf Xp balanced to its abilities?

Ok, I can see that now. I think because all of a class' abilities and benefits are scattered throughout its easy for a new reader to miss.


Re: Elf Xp balanced to its abilities?

Personally, I think Elf's high experience requirements begin to stack rather early on. In general I'd say Elf and Magic-User have about the same amount of hit points (Elf gets more when levelling up, but Magic-User levels up more often). What really makes difference is the fact Elf can fight and cast at the same time. If I remember correctly, Magic-User must have his both hands free when casting a spell, and must not have too much encumbrance. Elf can wear a plate mail and a longsword, and still strike the enemy with a Magic Missile. On the other hand, Elf doesn't gain additional attack bonus and HP progression is miserable for a fighter. So Elf begins the game very powerful, but aside from new spells there is not much to gain.

Personally, I would give Elves +1 to their Charisma modifier, but that might have more to do with the fact that Elf is my favourite class than with reality or game balance.

Re: Elf Xp balanced to its abilities?

A MU could cast in plate armor, so long as it had no other encumbrance points (plate armor is 2 points, MU must not be more than Lightly Encumbered, which is 2 points). Elves must not be more than Heavily Encumbered (3 points) to cast.

The other difference is hands: MU must have both free (or one free and a wand/staff in the other), elves just need one free.