Topic: Vornheim this year?

I thought I read somewhere that Vornheim was definitely going to be republished this year. I know a bunch of books are at the printers from the NSFW drive, but it's not one of them.
Will Vornheim be republished or not?

Re: Vornheim this year?

It will be, but not this year. The original plan is the bunch of book at the printer now would go to press June 1, and then there could be another batch of books around this time.

But that June batch of books took so damn long to get to the printer (three months later than hoped for...) that everything else is pushed back. (Just today I'm dealing with issues on the printer end to make sure one of them turns out exactly right so the release date is still creeping back more...).

Re: Vornheim this year?

Thanks for the info. I'll look for it next year, I guess. Hopefully early!