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I’m a regular backer of most of the recent LotFP campaigns, but haven’t yet added my tupence (and then some) to the latest campaign. It’s not that I don’t want to – great stuff on display – but right now I’m still waiting for books and/or updates on so many LotFP products from campaigns past, that I’m just a tad bothered with parting with more money.

I know Broodmother/Towers/Thieves are sort of outta your hands, but there’s still no sign, nor update, on the two scenarios from the Better Than Any Man-campaign that you should be in charge of. And now you add a new ref-book, upshine of 2+ old scenarios and lots of general editing and coordination to the work load, and it just makes me skeptical about the whole thing.

I know that you’ve set a wiiide delivery date for this latest campaign and I know that it’s basically my loss, if I don’t chip in, but like I said, I actually would love to add to the campaign – but I’m four books down – two are more than a year late. You try to run LotFP as pro-business, and I salute that, but as customer I would really like an update on progress and time horizon, before I commit to the final sprint of this latest venture.

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Understood (and one reason why I'm amazed at the success of the current campaign).

Bottom line is the draft of the Ref book has to go to the editor to get that moving along before anything else happens. (adventure reprints are much less workload-heavy on my end, most of that will be freelancer stuff like art and layout) I have thousands of books sitting in a warehouse that need a Ref book before they can go to retail... really, I shouldn't have printed them until the Ref book was ready but they were late and I needed to get the stuff that was ready out the door to people that were waiting. The lack of an in-print Ref book really has frozen LotFP in a business sense.

As soon as that's out the door to the editor, I can finish up the two other adventures (I had wanted to get them done before starting the Ref book campaign, even delaying the start almost two weeks as I wanted to go on Sept 1), but the goddamn things turned into more than I wanted (I had advertised these adventures as 8-32 pages each and I was trying to fit mine into 8... no go), and it didn't happen. I suck at deadlines and some projects turns into pulling teeth but I didn't want to just throw crap out the door.

So now they're really late, but I plan to have both of them out the door in November. I need to come up with some incentive/penalty for myself if that doesn't happen...

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Hi James,

Just to be clear, I believe I still have "Another S***** Adventure" and "Tower of the Navelgazer" outstanding from the "Better Than Any Man" Kickstarter.

Is this correct?

And are these the two you reference that you will be working on when the Ref book campaign finishes?

Thank you for your time.

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Those are them, yeah.

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Most excellent!

Again, thank you for your time.

And thank you for putting out a quality product. I really do appreciate it.