Topic: Some Math about the Ref Book Campaign and Reaching New Stretch Goals

Ref Book Campaign

There are 174 unique contributors to the campaign thus far. (If you do two contributions, IndieGoGo counts you as two separate contributors so that's why it says 191 on the site.)

So the average contribution so far is 74,85€. That's pretty frickin amazing.

However, I want this thing to to fund the new art section AND another adventure reprint.

To get that done we need (all these are rough estimitory figures) 5600€ in stretch-goal eligible pledges. I'll go ahead and estimate we'd need 7500€ in total pledges to cover that.

We've taken in about 1750€ total the past two weeks. So if the next two weeks perform as well as the last week has, we'll have 3500€ more in total pledges, and usually these campaigns pick up a significant number of backers in the last 48 hours or so (the Rules & Magic hardcover got 24% of its money in the last 48 hours), so we should squeak by if that happens.

But this campaign is structured differently than most, and trends aren't Laws of Nature or commitments made, merely speculation using data describing what individuals have chosen to do in the past.

To cover that 7500€, we need...

  • 187 new people getting just the normal Ref book*, or

  • 148 new people getting just the limited edition Ref book*, or

  • 101 new people continuing to fund an average of 74,85€, or

  • 174 people currently funding to each pitch in an average of another 43,11€, or

  • 25 more stores to do retailer buy-ins, or

  • A combination of these.

Those are some pretty tough numbers.

I'd better get my big boy promo boots on.

(100% of just-book pledges go towards stretch goals so these are based on the 5600€ figure)