Topic: Welcome to the LotFP Message Board!

This is the internet, and this is a message board. We know how this works.

As usual, there are some rules to follow to ensure this is a fairly pleasant place to be:

1. Be polite.
I know I'm not polite everywhere, but I will be here. So will you.

2. Be On Topic
The primary purpose of this forum is to support and discuss and criticize LotFP publications, and the secondary purpose is to support and discuss and criticize the games those publications themselves support.

Topics that are wildly unrelated (including but not limited to political events, weird news, sporting news, or general fantasy or sci-fi links or news) should probably go somewhere else. This is also not the place to discuss general gaming news unless it is related to or impacts LotFP/simulacra/classic gaming.

Edition warring should be kept to a minimum. If you're using LotFP stuff with an unexpected game or edition (or even inquiring about doing so), that's fine.

3. No linking to or encouraging illicit downloads of commercial material. Especially currently in-print material.
That's just bad form. I'm a commercial publisher and it would be annoying to see that kind of stuff on my own board. It's also just professional courtesy to extend that policy to other publishers' work as well.

4. Use conversational, if not proper, English.
This is just me being an old cranky fart. I won't mind typos and I won't punish people for whom English isn't their mother tongue, but a little bit of effort would be nice. Use words and don't write things like, "CU L8R!" Capitalize the beginnings of sentences, make at least an attempt at punctuation. Usage of the phrase "amirite?" is a bannable offense.

Also, we're starting with just a single forum. Additional sections and subforums can be added if there is demand and need for them.