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Errata for the adventures contained in No Dignity in Death

Re: No Dignity in Death Errata

P8 A-The Bookbindery
"The new Bumblebee Bandit novel is real feather in the cap..."
Should be: "The new Bumblebee Bandit novel is a real feather in the cap..."

P8 A-The Gypsy Wagons
"All the guard will attest that the wagons..."
Should be: "All the guards will attest that the wagons..."

P9 Pa2
"... and the services of most skilled craftsmen..."
Should be: "... and the services of the most skilled craftsmen..."

P15 A-What is this?
"The games are way of selecting..."
Should be: "The games are a way of selecting..."

On this page you have 'fiancee' (C1 Pa4) and 'fiance' (C2 Pa2). I believe the single e is correct.

The Battle Of The Bumblebee Bandit By Earnest (Hemingway) (Oscar) Wilde - excerpt
"... attempting gather her torn gown..."
Should be: "... attempting to gather her torn gown..."
(Possibly, it is an excerpt from an unfinished and unpublished manuscript.)

Day 5 heading orphaned from its following paragraph.

P26 A7
Says: "... more information can be found under location 1 of the caverns."
The information is actually in area #4 in the caverns.

P27 A22
Whose skeleton is this?

P27 A-The Banshee C2 Pa3
"The banshee will attempt kill any..."
Should be: "The banshee will attempt to kill any..."

Re: No Dignity in Death Errata

I am enjoying going through your books like this. It forces me to really pay attention to what I am reading. I wish I was an editor but unfortunately all I am is a pedantic speller!

I think the thing I like most about your adventures so far is that even though they are relatively small adventures, they can have far reaching consequences for a campaign. They serve as a spring board to other adventures.

Also, I was flicking through my dictionary and in the Foreign Words in English section one particular word caught my eye "Cannibal". According to my dictionary, the word is from the Caribbean and comes from the word "Caribe", meaning brave, daring. I can't wait for Death Ferox Doom!