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After 6 months of holding back DFD I finally got my chance to run it last weekend. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and I wanted to share the experience with everyone here.

There were 3 players with 2 characters each. Each player had a second level character and a first level character. It was everyone's first time with the WFRPG rules but no one had an issue understanding the little differences between standard D&D and this rule set. No one had a problem with the lack of early combat as there was plenty to keep everyone engaged.

I got positive reviews from all three players about the atmosphere and tone of the module. The players were deeply intrigued by the cabin and it's contents and spent much time there messing with the clock and other oddities of the cabin. Sadly as our game time began to run low the players began to head directly for the source of the noise and spent very little time exploring the wonderful creepiness of the other rooms in the dungeon.

My players managed to pick up a curse from the Jeweled Dagger and Ruby Necklace on the main alter, nab the 'Grimoire of Walking Flesh' along with the enchanted eye piece before finally encountering the plant creature. By this time the players were itching for a fight so they wasted no time (or thought) when hacking into the plant. The combat proved very difficult for the characters and resulted in one unconscious cleric and 4 others wounded.

Rather than press on or hide to rest the players immediately began dragging the Cleric back to the entrance without even peeking their heads into the room with the alter and pit. A short way down the passage the new silence was broken by clattering and scratching behind the great bronze doors. When the players saw the wheel mechanisms begin to turn indicating that the doors were beginning to open the players began to panic and covered their retreat with a huge pile of flaming lamp oil. At this point the players declared they were pressing on at maximum speed for the exit.

As they climbed up and out of the shaft they took cover when hundreds of walking corpses were seen wandering listlessly around the graveyard. Using the clock the fighter stopped time and spent two hours hacking the heads off the ghouls that had managed to free themselves from their shallow graves.

The party retreated out the back door and away from the cabin and graveyard. I rolled a score of spot checks for any straggling ghouls that may have survived and only 2 successfully noticed the fresh meat behind the cabin. The ghouls, being faster than the exhausted and injured party, quickly caught up but were hacked down by some lucky rolls.

In the end the party escaped without a single fatality and with some very valuable loot but are now stuck with a two curses and have to live with the fact that every human within 50 miles is going to be ghoul bait in the next week.

They players all enjoyed it and I enjoyed running it. So much so, I just might purchase the boxed set so that we can continue adventuring in the Weird Fantasy setting. Nice work James. I look forward to seeing more of your material. Best of luck to you on this endeavor!

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It sounds like a great adventure that really needed strength of numbers (which is why you gave each player two characters). I tend to prefer one character per player with just 4 players. I'm guessing first levellers would have been, urm... levelled?

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Re: DFD play report(Spoilers!)

This adventure is actually amazingly level neutral. There are plenty of ways for even a small party of 1st level characters to get out with a substantial quantity of loot. The real problem lies in human nature and the temptation to explore deeper for even greater wealth.

Larger parties and Higher level characters are actually more likely to get in serious trouble because they have the ability to overcome the plant creature more easily... and then it doesn't matter what level you are at all!

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Excellent! I'm really looking forward to running this one. Any more tips you have from your experiences would be greatly appreciated.

It's not the years, it's the mileage.