Topic: I tried to do the forum-D&D stuff.

It failed for me. Took me a while to figure out why. While I was enjoying some of the story-lines, and thought it was awesome that my druid got killed because he couldn't hit a thing and got surrounded. I realized that it ended up feeling as if I was watching a movie where some characters were there, then suddenly not there, and then it would freeze up every minute or so, and I could only watch one minute every day, except some days then many minutes would go by, and sometimes I'd have to wait a week. Some characters would be doing just fine, and then suddenly it was as if they were just standing there doing nothing, or saying something that made no sense to say.

So it turned out to be a waste. Which is a shame. I think there's a way to do virtual-role-playing well, but a forum is not the place. I've seen some of the generic apps out there, they need to improve. I'm sure some people do a pretty good job using skype, or some tool like that.

Re: I tried to do the forum-D&D stuff.

I ran a couple of Skype games last year, but really I stay away from playing RPGs online. To me, they need to be played in person with people actually looking at and talking to each other. Online should just be for the discussion about the games.

Re: I tried to do the forum-D&D stuff.

I tried forum roleplaying years ago and didn't really work for me, it seemed more like collaborative writing to me with the GM and player interaction seeming really odd.

I reckon some other games would work better as forum games, pseudo-roleplaying game like De Profundis which is pretty much collaborative writing project  could be made to work out as forum roleplaying game and simultanious movement wargame like Diplomacy could be a excellent forum game.