Topic: I'm Putting Together a Network of Older Edition D&D Gamers in CT

Due to a lack of gaming stores and other common gathering areas, its harder to find people to game with. Especially if you play older editions of D&D (pre-2e) or their clones. Whether your looking for a new player for your regular group, or just looking to get a pickup game, it would be helpful to have a list of potential old school gamers in your area.

I know there are various locations on the net to find people, but not every potential player visits or even knows about all the sites.

I've designated myself the keeper of the Connecticut list of older edition D&D gamers.

If you're in the Connecticut area, even southern MA or Westchester County NY, and play or want to play older (pre-2e) editions of D&D, send me your information.

I am looking at least for your first name, town, and email address. Send your information to me at Ill spend the week compiling an email list, and then send out the list to everyone on it.

Give me a blurb about what older editions you play or want to play, whether you want to play, DM, or both, and the days/hours you're available.

I'm going onto every site/list I know of to post the same thing, in order to get maximum exposure. If you have any ideas on where I should post this, please let me know.

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