Topic: Point 2: Why So Eager to Do These Adventure Campaigns?

It's creatively exciting. I see LotFP as a creatively open concept but it sometimes doesn't seem so if everything released for LotFP is coming from a limited pool of people. These authors are being given pretty much free reign to do as they please for LotFP adventures (A 15-20k word playable adventure using the LotFP rules, somehow "creepy" or "horrific" as the author defines it. And that's it.). The possibilities have always been endless, but with this campaign more of those possibilities can be made real...

Professionally I like the idea of working with a wide variety of people. Being plugged into the greater industry is gratifying all on its own from a publisher standpoint, and who knows where working with all these people will lead.

Economically, simply approaching all these people and paying them upfront for work is just not possible for a company of LotFP's size. This crowdfunding campaign is my attempt to overcome that obstacle. And then having an impressive amount of support for LotFP, with all these names on the books, will increase LotFP's visibility and credibility.

Oh, a fourth reason: TO GET AWESOME GAMING MATERIAL IN YOUR HANDS. Published adventures are the shared experiences of our hobby, and an introduction to how a game is to be played and presented for newer players. The classic adventures in this hobby are as revered and re-played as much as any full game or system. We can't know if any of these adventures will become the classics of the future, but with the pool of talent assembled I like our chances.