Topic: Point 1: Why July?

It's a fair question. The hardcover campaign just ended, the Monolith/God has had production delays.

Isn't July a little soon?

Yeah, maybe. But...

Most adventures that fund will have a lead time of several months. (I've got a rough draft of one of them already!) Writing, playtesting, editing, layout, art, printing.

From a business standpoint, I need to get everything in and pay everyone involved before the end of the year, because if I have a ton of cash on hand that gets paid after the first... well, that'll count as profit for 2012 and get taxed (25%? 33%? depends on how big the cash pile is) and then I still have to pay the people.

So if this is going to happen this year, I have to assume everything won't run smooth as clockwork. Give everyone a buffer instead of having the adventures campaign a little later in the year and cross fingers that nobody gets sick for two weeks or something.

Waiting until January to start and then not having adventures in hand for a few months after that... that seems like torture when one has a hot idea. I had the idea in April for the adventures as a stretch goal for the hardcovers, and halfway through that campaign figured out a better way to do it once it was clear I wasn't going to draw dozens of thousands of dollars with that setup.

Got to strike while the enthusiasm is hot.