64 Negative skill chance

by mgalosi

65 DCC to LotFP

by alien_sunset

66 Most Current Rules

by dungeonman

67 Sidequest: The Wyrm of Hackendale

by Gregorius21778

68 Miscast 1-6

by Andomedanaea

70 Minimum HP for Carcosa

by lerugray

73 Rules Question: Seven Gates

by Gregorius21778

74 Rules Question: Leaping

by Gregorius21778

75 Sullen and Sick they Shall End!

by Gregorius21778

76 Halloween is coming

by Gregorius21778

77 Tales of Greed, a LotFP campaign report

by Tallu ( Pages 1 2 )

79 Veins of the Earth Loot

by Andomedanaea

85 Playtest notes -next ed LotFP

by Andomedanaea

87 More Schools of Magic

by Legion

88 Level progression

by friartuck

90 Specialist- sheer gold!

by Bloodaxe